Círculo Eça de Queiroz

The restaurant of Círculo Eça de Queiroz serves lunch to its Members and their guests every working day between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm, disclosing in advance the menu that will be served each week.

The room where meals are usually served has 10 tables, rectangular or square, depending on the number of people. Next to this room, there is a small room with an oval table, for anyone wanting some privacy. It is ideal for business lunches, family lunches or for groups not exceeding 8 or 9 persons.

Lunch for large groups is served in the Great Hall (Salão Nobre), using it in the whole or in part.

Círculo Eça de Queiroz can also serve lunch and dinner for groups, during the week or on weekends, which must be previously booked with the Secretariat of the Club.

According to tradition and use of Círculo Eça de Queiroz, since its foundation, we appreciate the use of tie and jacket at the premises of the Club.